Beth Capotosto

Hidden Buddha
Digital Photography
Jewelry, photography
13 Spring Street #1

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Also Open Friday Night, May 3rd 6-9pm

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Over the years, I've discovered that photography entails a certain amount of luck to be successful. It's a feeling you get when you press the button on your camera. I didn't make the moment happen, I was just simply lucky enough to be present when it did. As a photographer, this is how I operate. So, I can't really categorize my photography. It's an eclectic mix of moments in my life that I was incredibly lucky enough to not only witness, but capture. I like to live in the moment and feel that my photography reflects that to a certain degree.

Jewelry design has given me to chance to explore my love of color and textures. I love pairing each hue so that the colors play off each other and combining different textures so that the end result is a piece that really stands out. My style ranges from one extreme to the next. Whether it's something simple or complex, I have it and if I don't I'll make it! I primarily work with semi-precious materials and on occasion found objects. Recently, I've delved into bead weaving, which as led to many nights of either extreme patience or utter frustration. All worth is for the end result.

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