Joshua Brennan

mixed media on vinyl
[17" x 88"]
conceptual neo-expressionism

Pearl Street Studios
226 Pearl Street #2R

MAP # 83

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Harboring a conscious awareness provides fertile opportunity to experience overlooked situations, forgotten corners, words between lines, or a fragment from a lost communication. There are no restrictions to these constant, yet elusive happenings; each is evasive unless one's awareness is focused on living in each moment. Within these hidden circumstances are unintentional installations, profound performances and surfaces with abstractions. These things act as a source of energy, providing fuel for my own creations.

With a pluralistic approach, I embrace experimentation while exploring the shape-shifting realm of creativity. There is no singular medium I choose; each decides its own method of manifestation, from the purely traditional to the radically experimental, and often cross-pollinates with print media, painting, collage, installation and video.

Joshua Brennan's approach to art making is pluralist in nature; the use of specific media is led primarily by a conceptual need. His work in print media embraces both traditional and experimental approaches this often cross-pollinates with painting, collage, photography, installation and video. Currently, Joshua is the Printmaking Technical Associate at Boston University. He received his MFA in Studio Art/Printmaking from Indiana University in 2009 and a BA from University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 2004, in Printmaking and Graphic Design.