Jim Baab

Electric Sheep
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Vivid Instagrams and nudes
60 Boston Street

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In the era of social networks, touch-screens, recession and distraction, my photography has become both a documentary of the physical world around me and a catalyst for exploring human senses, presence and interactions.

Most of the time, a quality of light inspires me to photograph ordinary objects and simple scenes. Additionally, overlooked accents in everyday surroundings push me to extract a quality that transcends ordinary and shares something beautiful, abstract or interactive with the viewer.

The basic message within my art is to "stop texting and smell the roses," notice the relationships that exist in our physical world, both large and small. Some are natural, complimentary, symbiotic. Others contrast or mimic things we find familiar. A few may even present an enlightening deception or elicit audible joy.

2012 welcomed a boost in photographic creativity and confidence for me. Not only did Instagram prove to be an excellent tool for producing and revisiting powerful imagery, but, one of my new images was part of an annual juried exhibition at the Bromfield Gallery, in Boston. Additionally, in the Fall, I attended an annual, semi-private gathering of models and photographers, ZoeFest XI, that focuses on the zero-ego production of fine art nudes.​