Paper Wasp Designs
Lyn Brown

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[10" x 7"]
Bookbinding & Paper Arts
17 Marshall Street #1

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Everything starts with the paper. Each has it's own qualities; color, weight. light permeabilitiy, tensile strength,smoothness. All speak to how it can be used to best effect. Few things please me more than figuring out how to use a cool new paper in a way that showcases it's best qualities. I'm so lucky to work with the object of my obsession!
I am primarily self-taught, literally taking books apart to figure out how they were made, and then making my own.(my dad says I have his engineering gene)
The elements of bookbinding and the other paper arts really appeal to me. The precision required, the paper itself, and the end result- a beautiful and useful object- are very satisfying to me.
I make a variety of blank books including Photo Albums, Coptic Journals, Scrapbooks, and Wine Journals. I also make picture frames, lamps, lampshades,light switch plates, 2 deck playing card holders, night lights, a variety of Christmas ornaments, and more.
I welcome special orders.

I am currently a member of the Cambridge Artists Coop, located at 59 Church St. in Harvard Square and Sign of the Dove located in the Porter Square Shopping Center. You can see the majority of my work in these coops.