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FINAL SOS 2013 All Membership & Volunteer Meeting
Pick up Postcards, Posters, and more

Sun., Mar. 24 | 1pm - 3pm
Mad Oyster Studios
2 Bradley Street (parking in back off Pearl St.)

Come pick up postcards, posters, see templates for personalizing, preview the mapbook and more. SOS has event-wide postcards you can mail or put out to promote the event. We also will have templates you can download off the website, soon. We'll show you how these work.

This year we're doing a large postering effort lead by Emily Garfield and Lucy Nadeau. You can pick up posters at this meeting and they will keep track of where you'll be putting them to avoid duplicate efforts. We'll be able to preview the mapbook pdf if time allows, too. And you can sign up with Sarah Carlson to help get the mapbooks distributed.

We'll have tasty pizza for everyone. You bring a refreshing beverage or six to share.
We're expecting a large group for this meeting, so if you can also bring some folding chairs, please do.

Free Artists Marketing Workshop Series

Presented by arts marketing specialist Jesa Damora of FunnelCake Marketing
All talks are free, created especially for SOS, and open to visual artists who live or maintain a studio in Somerville. Jesa is also this year's SOS Marketing Coordinator.

Marketing I: Why Participate in SOS? - Sat., Jan 12th 2013 (4:30-6:30)

Marketing II: Engaging the Public - Sat., Feb 9th Sat., Feb 23 2013 (4:30-6:30)

Marketing III: Attracting VIP Visitors - Sat., Mar 9th 2013 (4:30-6:30)

Marketing IV: Exhibiting as a Function of Marketing - Sat., Apr 6th 2013 (4:30-6:30)

Marketing V: Why Fast Follow-Up is King - Sat., May 11th 2013 (4:30-6:30)

Low Cost Display System Demo

Sat., March 23 | 11am - 12pm
32 Pearl Street (home of SOS Artist Stan Eichner)

Presented by artist Stan Eichner, especially for Community Space and Home Studio Artists (other SOS artists welcome too!). A discussion and demo of alternative ways to show hanging work. Learn one method, or come and share others you know.

Home Studio Artists' Meet-Up

Sat., April 27 | 4-5 pm
9 Browning Road (home of SOS artist Hilary Scott)

A meet-up and discussion especially for artists showing out of home studios.
Pot luck snacks (bring something to share, but it's okay to come empty handed, too!)