Promotional Materials

Downloads for SOS 2013 will be shared here as they become available

Graphic resources can be used for promotion of SOS Events. Click name to show file or Right click and select "save" or "download" to download to disk.

Absolutely Every Event that uses the name "Somerville Open Studios" and "SOS" must be FREE

SOS Events are all open to the public with no entrance fees, and no "suggested donations."

Promoting your Studio or Location

When promoting Open Studios at your own location please remember that yours is one of many SOS locations. Please be careful that your publicity does not imply that yours is the site of SOS.

Remind visitors that yours is one of many of sites open during SOS, to better promote the arts in Somerville and SOS at large.

Thank you! from your community of artists

2013 Graphics

BW Logo Color Logo

Download : Black & White | Color
Right Click to save image.


Artists. Download these .pdfs and open them in the design program of your choice. Add your site number which you can get from your Artist Profile on-line.

For the Yard signs choose the "Open" version if your studio will be open Friday night, and the "Closed" version if it won't be.

Add your image, and on the postcard, add any additional text you want. (remember to add your name on the front of the postcard, under your image!)

Then upload your new file to the print company of your choice. Good options include GotPrint.com for postcards and yardsigns, or PsPrint.com for postcards. Or print them yourself.


Download :




Yard Signs

Download :

Design One (Open for Friday Sneek Preview)

Design One (NOT Open Friday)

Design Two (Open for Friday Sneek Preview)

Design Two (NOT Open Friday)